The physicians and staff of AWC are very concerned about the COVID19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. We want to give you, our patients, some direction for care.

We are re-scheduling all non-essential visits. If you have a scheduled visit in the next month, please be aware that you may be receiving a call from our office to reschedule. All elective surgeries have been postponed.

We will continue to see our prenatal patients, although potentially on an adjusted schedule, and our time sensitive follow up visits.

We have screening set up in front of the clinic. If you are not pregnant and are determined to be high risk, potentially infectious, or have a temperature of >100.4 F, you will not be seen and will be directed to the appropriate resources. If you are pregnant, we will ask that you put on a mask, and wait in an area away from the other patients so we can best assess you without concern for spreading infection.

We will only allow a maximum of 1 visitor with each patient, and we STRONGLY recommend no visitors if possible. This WILL include appointments with a planned ultrasound. NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 15 ARE ALLOWED ON THE BAPTIST CAMPUS.

We are still available to ALL our patients via telephone. Please call and leave a voicemail for the appropriate department and we will return your call.

For ALL of our patients:

This virus usually causes a mild flu-like illness. Severe illness and death is most likely in elderly people with significant health issues. If you fit this description, please stay home to protect yourself as much as is feasible. The immediate health risk to the majority of the population is low.

Our office CANNOT test for this virus. Testing is indicated if you have been travelling out of the country, or if you have had close contact with an individual that has had laboratory confirmed infection with COVID19 and you have symptoms including fever >100.4F, cough, or difficulty breathing. Other viral illnesses with the same symptoms, are much more common, including the flu. There is treatment available for the flu, but not for Coronavirus.

If you think you have this viral illness or you meet criteria for testing, please call your primary care provider, or the State Health Department (1-800-803-7847 during office hours; 501-661-2136 for emergencies after hours).

We believe this pandemic will play itself out in the weeks to come. Isolation and confinement are currently the cornerstone of containing the spread. Please continue to wash your hands and avoid any unnecessary close contact with others, especially people who are vulnerable to severe disease.

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